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It's my distinct pleasure and privilege to offer

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  • Physical Therapy

  • Private Sessions

  • Fall Prevention

  • Senior Sports Performance

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  • Cathy Boppert posing for a picture
  • Cathy Boppert's mat exercises
  • Cathy Boppert riding a bike

My professional career spans three decades as physical therapist, athletic trainer, physical education teacher, athletic coach, personal trainer and competitive athlete. In addition to this extensive background, I am distinguished by my experience and expertise in Applied Functional Science® which combines manual therapy and the combination of the physical, biological and behavioral sciences for functional assessment and treatment. I treat everyone as an individual. Using scientific principals allows me to treat the biomechanical compensations that are often the cause of symptoms. Strategies can then be generated from these biomechanical compensations to produce personalized techniques and/or exercises that a patient/client can then utilize to achieve their personal goals.

It’s not just about treating a medical condition. It’s about restoring an individual’s quality of life. When people come to me, they want more out of life. Yet, due to their current situation, they might be held back by pain, guilt or because they are afraid to take that first step. I strive to transform pain into comfort, guilt into compassion and fear into confidence. As an Applied Functional Specialist, this is on what I focus my efforts.

San Diego has been my home for over 30 years. I enjoy an active lifestyle and contribute back to my community by hosting various charity events throughout the year benefiting Athletes for Education, San Diego Police Historical Society, and Sports for Exceptional Athletes. I also lead a variety of seminars and workshops on injury prevention, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement as well as teaching Balance and Fall Prevention classes throughout San Diego County.


Physical Therapy or Private Sessions?

There are two ways to be treated by me. One is using your “Out of Network benefits” utilizing your insurance (see below) or private sessons after which is cashed based. To begin services, I will come to your home to perform an assessment of your condition and needs for 1 ½ hours and up to 2 hours. Following your assessment, treatments are typically one hour long. If you decide to go the private sessions route and sign up for one of the package plans I offer, then the initial assessment visit is free. Referrals are always greatly appreciated and if you refer someone to me and they sign up for a package, then you get a free training session.

Insurance and Referrals

California now allows patients direct access to Physical Therapists without a physician’s referral. This is recognized by most insurance companies with the exception of Medicare. This means you can be directly seen by a Physical Therapist for 12 visits or 45 consecutive days, whichever comes first. If there is a need to continue with skilled Physical Therapy after the 12 visits, based on further assessment you will be referred to a reputable physician. At that time, the physician can perform his or her own assessment and authorize continued treatment with a written prescription.

I am an out of network “fee for service” provider which means I am payed cash directly from the patient. However we take care of the billing for you. Some out of network benefits require a prescription. We can further research this matter without restriction, delays or denials and provide you with your coverage details. If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), we will provide you with receipts needed to submit to these accounts for reimbursement.

Call me and let’s discuss your needs, goals and what I can do for you.

Be active. Be healthy. Believe!


Cathy Boppert

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