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When I first met Cathy I was not even able to walk without a walker and was only able to use one leg. I had no idea how to navigate the 17 stairs required to live at home. Not only did she show me how to get up and down my stairs, but she made it seem easy and gave me the confidence I had lost from my accident! My physical therapy sessions with her over the course of a couple of months enabled me to walk normally again and her creative ways of making things work for my situation were genius. She put the extra effort to personalize my PT exercises so that my recovery was much faster than everyone had anticipated. Not only do I highly recommend Cathy as a physical therapist but I will actually miss my sessions with her twice a week as she made it fun.

Claudia Barbour

I came to Cathy after I had torn my Achilles tendon.  We embarked on an aggressive program of 3 one-hour session per week.  When I came to Cathy I was walking OK, but not properly.  She paid extreme attention to detail viewing how I was walking and quickly corrected it.  As some of you may be aware, an Achilles tear is pretty much a broken leg.  I was in a cast for 6 weeks, followed by walking in a boot for a few more.  It was after those wonderful 2 stages that I started my re-habilitation program with Cathy.

First, Cathy worked with me to make sure I was walking properly.  From there we continued to strengthen the Achilles and surrounding muscle groups.  Within a few short weeks I was moving much better.  We then started working on actual, real-life things I enjoy doing … swinging a golf club and a tennis racquet.  I actually brought my tennis racquet into my rehab session and we worked on a variety of moves that I would do playing tennis.  We also worked on the motion and weight transfer of my golf swing.  This was an excellent strategy as I not only was improving my range of motion, I was gaining confidence in the sports I enjoy playing.  It clearly accelerated my recovery.

I really enjoyed working with Cathy and you will as well.  She not only takes you through the necessary steps to improve range of motion, etc. she actually explains why you are doing the specific exercises and what benefit each exercise is accomplishing.  Next time I need any type of physical therapy work, I will be calling Cathy.

Chris Pravato

Well, I just walked and ran about 3 1/2 miles with no pain and just a little tired, up and down hills, unpaved paths, with my dog. (We did stop and sniff occasionally).   For six months previously I had back pain, knee pain on and off for years, and same with neck pain.  It took Cathy one session plus a few days to get rid of most of the back pain.  It’s completely gone now. If I tweak it, I know just what to do and I’m fine again in no time.  My knee took a little longer.  Today I went down a couple flights of stairs and was halfway down before I realized I was doing it without thought or contortion.  My neck gets re-tweaked every day, as I am a cellist with a bad habit.  I did play for her and she caught a posture defect, but there’s only so much you can do to change things without resetting the neck.

On the cello, that is.  Actually, the exercises she gave me for my neck are extremely helpful.  I can play pain-free for hours on end and after so much playing I can just do the exercises and I’m good to go. I can say without equivocation that Cathy really knows what she’s doing. She’s friendly, approachable, professional, and supremely helpful.  It’s truly wonderful to not worry about having to deal with pain.  I’m grateful every day that I chose her to work with me in this way.

Marcia Bookstein

Throughout my PT sessions, Cathy was always assessing my range of motion and my comfort level with my shoulder.  I had improvement after each week. She also looked at my feet and how I walked, suggesting orthotics and Vionic flip flops.  What a difference that suggestion has made.

If I ever have the need for PT in the future, she would be my only choice of a therapist.  I have kept all the exercise videos that she made after each session, to use as needed. She is the gem of the PT world.  Highly recommend her.

Carol Scurlock